SamPro v1.0.0

SamPro v1.0.0 shakeel file

What's New:


1.1 MTP Mode

  • Read information
  • Check Simlock Status
  • Factory Reset
  • Reboot To Normal Mode
  • Reboot To Download Mode
  • Reboot To Binarary Mode
  • Bypass Launch Browser

1.2 Download Mode

  • Read information
  • Exit Download Mode
  • Fix Softbrick

1.3 ADB Mode

  • Read information
  • Factory Reset Settings
  • Enable Arabic Language
  • Reset FRP
  • Bypass Knox
  • Bypass KG MTK
  • Enable / Disable System UI
  • Enable / Disable Samsung Updates
  • Reset Screen Lock old android versionRoot/ ADB
  • Reboot To Normal / Recovery / Download

1.4 Reset FRP

  • MTP Enable ADB and Reset FRP / Bypass Knox / Bypass KG
  • Reset FRP For Android 5 and 6 supported only Exynos and QUALCOMM

2- Flash

  • Supported SAMSUNG Flash full / Custom partition


B.1- MTK One Click Section BROM Mode

1.1 Generic operation

  • Read information
  • Read GPT Table
  • Read / Write / Erase Selected Partition
  • Dump Full Flash .Bin File
  • Write Full Flash .Bin File
  • Backup All Partition
  • Write All Partition

1.2 Bypass SLA Auth

  • bypass sla Auth
1.3 Bootloader Unlock / Relock
1.4 RPMB Data
  • Read / Write / Erase beta

1.5 NV Data

  • Read / Write / Erase
** userdata and security
  • Format userdata
  • Full Format
  • Safe format MISC
  • Safe Format PARA
  • Reset FRP Generic
  • Reset FRP Samsung MTK
  • Disable Lost Mode SAMSUNG
  • Bypass Mi Account Temporary
  • Anti Relock Mi Account ADB

B- Flash Preloader / Brom

Supported Flash MTK Scatter File
Read Firmware Scatter File For Supported Model or Select Scatter File
  • Read information For Supported Model or By Select Scatter File
  • Format userdata For Supported Model or By Select Scatter File
  • Reset FRP For Supported Model or By Select Scatter File



1.1 Sideload Mode

  • Read information
  • Format userdata
  • Reset FRP
  • Bypass Mi Account
  • Unlock Bootloader
  • Reboot To Normal / Recovery / Fastboot

1.1 Fastboot Mode

  • Read information
  • Reboot To Normal / Recovery / Fastboot
  • Supported Fastboot Flash Need Bootloader Unlock First

2- EDL

  • Supported Flash XML File For QUALCOMM Devices Emmc Only
  • Read GPT Table Emmc Only
  • Backup / Flash / Erase Selected Partition Emmc Only
  • Format Userdata
  • Safe Format
  • Reset FRP Generic QUALCOMM
  • Reset FRP Samsung QUALCOMM
  • Bypass MI Account Emmc Only

C-- SpreadTrum Section

  • Format & Reset FRP In Flash Mode Only Supported Model
  • Read information ADB
  • Reset FRP ADB
  • Reset FRP Fastboot

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