ApkShellExt2 v2.0.7 | APK Shell Extension APK thumbnail | APK Bulk Rename/APK Search Just 1 Click

APK Shell Extension APK thumbnail

APK Shell Extension, Show APK Thumbnail, APK Bulk Rename & APK Search in Google Play Store & Amazon Just 1 Click:

APK Shell Extension APK thumbnail

APK Shell Extension APK thumbnail | APK Bulk Rename/APK Search Just 1 Click

v2.0.7 %Attr(,)%

Icon extraction bug fix. Add a generic variable for renaming and tooltip (Only for apk for now) %Attr(TagPath,Attribute)% eg:%Attr(manifest/uses-sdk,minSdkVersion)% This will return the attribute value in androidmanifest.xml, (use Dump option from menu)

V2.0.6 WebP format support Pre-release

Add WebP format, use webp-wrapper to parse webp format, cannot find a native solution yet.
Update SharpShell and SharpZipLib
Minor bug fixes


  • Show icons for mobile apps in Windows Explorer
  • Supports .apk (Android), .ipa (iOS) and .appx/.appxbundle (Windows Phone)
  • Show package information in the tooltip
  • Batch rename .apk files
  • "Go to app store" shortcut.

APK Shell Extension APK thumbnail

Display app icon in Windows®️ File Explorer with best resolution. DOES NOT work with other file manager due to .NET restriction

Customize-able Info-Tip for showing package information.
Context menu for batch renaming, use customize-able patterns.
Go to app store from context menu.
Auto-check new version.
Show overlay icon for different type of apps.
Support multiple languages:
A Windows shell extension supporting icon for files of
.Apk (android package)
.ipa (iOS app package)
.appx .appx bundle (Windows phone 8.1/10 app package, .xap is not supported)

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Download also

1. Make sure you have the .NET framework installed.
2. Download the latest release.
3. Extract the .zip file somewhere, you won't be able to move the .dll file later so put it somewhere out of sight.
4. Run install.bat (you have to be admin).
5. To uninstall, run uninstall.bat. You might need to restart explorer to delete the .dll.

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