SamFw Tool v3.31 - Samsung Tool 2022

SamFw Tool - Samsung Tool 2022


SamFw FRP Tool v3.31 - Remove Samsung FRP one click

List of functions

  • Remove FRP with one click
  • Change CSC with one click (beta)
  • Remove FRP for new security patch (Aug 2022)
  • Remove FRP with one click
  • Connect the phone to the PC, and install the Samsung driver if you have not yet installed
  • Go to energy call then type *#0*#
  • Click Remove FRP on the Tool
  • Click Accept USB debugging on the phone if it appears
  • The phone will finish and reboot after removing FRP
  • Test mode (*#0*#)
  • Remove FRP
  • Remove FRP new security
  • Factory reset
  • Disable Knox
  • Change CSC (This function works to change to CSC in the supported CSC list. Please use [ADB]Get list supported CSC for detail)
  • Disable Factory mode
  • MTP mode
  • Open browser
  • Factory reset
  • Enable secret code for Verizon
  • ADB mode
  • Read full information (includes root checker)
  • Factory reset
  • Disable OTA update
  • ADB FRP (old and new method)
  • Remove Samsung account (This function works to remove the account in Settings only, not supporting locked state)
  • Delete bloatware (For Korean, Japan, and US variants)
  • Battery information
  • Get list supported CSC (For [TEST MODE] Change CSC)
  • Remove screen lock (Root)
  • Set language
  • Install APK/xAPK
  • Install any app on Dual Messenger
  • Enable Toggle mobile data (for some AT&T phone)
  • Download mode
  • Exit Download mode
  • Soft brick Fix
  • FRP Android 5/6 (support some models. If you see an error when trying, that means your device is not supported)
  • Odin Flash
  • Save recent flash files
  • Auto-detect file and select slot
  • Auto-extract for ZIP file
  • Ignore MD5 checksum
  • Misc.
  • Check Driver signature enforcement status
  • Disable/Enable Driver signature enforcement
  • Install Samsung USB driver
  • Install VC++ 2015 (for ADB works)
  • Reboot
  • MTP Reboot System
  • MTP Reboot Download mode
  • MTP Reboot Binary mode
  • ADB Reboot System
  • ADB Reboot Download mode
  • ADB Reboot Recovery mode
  • ADB Power off
  • Read  info
  • Read information on MTP mode
  • Read information on Download mode
  • Upcoming function
  • Install XAPK direct
  • Install any apps for Samsung dual message
  • Disable Factory mode
  • [ROOT] Change SN
  • [ROOT] Change battery cycle
  • [ROOT] View saved wifi password
  • MTK module
  • Xiaomi sideload solution

SamFw Tool 3.31

  •  Rename to SamFw Tool for add other brand next version
  •  [ADB] - Fix command on Windows 7
  •  [TESTMODE] - Fix change CSC bug on 3.2
  •  [TESTMODE] - Optimize Remove FRP New method
  •  [ADB] - Optimize Read list supported CSC
  •  [ADB] - Optimize Change CSC
  •  Fix some bugs


SamFw FRP Tool Update v3.2

  • Add [Test mode] FRP Remove for new security patch (HOT)
  • Add Function description when hover to the button
  • Optimized [ADB] No required Samsung device connect for ADB function
  • Optimized only check Samsung USB Driver first time
  • Fix [Test mode] Can not read info after remove FRP FAIL

SamFw FRP Tool Update v.3.1 

  • Add [ADB] Add mobile data toggle
  • Add [ADB] Install APK/xAPK
  • Add [ADB] Install any app as Dual Messenger

SamFw FRP Tool Big Update v.3.0 12/7/2022 

  • Add [MTP] Enable secret code (*#06#, *#0*#,...) for Verizon phone
  • Add [Test Mode] Disable Factory mode
  • Fix [MTP] Read information: show FAIL on some device
  • Fix [DLM] Read information: a small error
  • Improve [Test Mode] Change CSC
  • Improve [ADB] Get list supported CSC: Support S22 series
  • Improve [ADB] Check SU
  • Improve [ADB] Disable/Enable OTA: Update for more variant
  • Improve [ADB] Delete bloatware: Add some Verizon bloatware
  • Fix bugs
  • Security update

SamFw FRP Tool Update v2.8 20/6/2022

  • Add [ADB] Read full information
  • Add [ODIN] Automatic extract firmware
  • Add [SU] Remove screen lock
  • Add [MISC] Install Samsung USB driver auto detect driver installed
  • Add [MISC] Automatic detect Samsung driver and Visual C++ 2015
  • Fix [ADB] Read list CSC for old phones
  • Fix [COM] List device did not clean up on old Windows
  • Improve [TESTMODE] Disable Knox
  • Improve [ODIN] Auto-detect MTP and reboot Download mode
  • Fix bugs
  • Security update

SamFw FRP Tool Update v2.7.1 14/6/2022

  • Fix small bug

SamFw FRP Tool Update v2.7 14/6/2022

  • Add ADB Battery information
  • Add Odin Flash
  • Add ADB reboot/reboot download mode/reboot recovery mode
  • Add show COM number on device list
  • Add Farsi (Iran) fa-rIR language code
  • Add disable driver signature status check
  • Add List supported CSC check
  • Fix loading progress
  • Fix Read info Download mode
  • Optimize: Auto detect MTP/Download mode when Read info/Reboot

SamFw FRP Tool Update v2.6 7/6/2022

  • Add reboot Binary mode (Download mode 0)
  • Add read information in Download mode
  • Add FRP Remove old Android 5/6
  • Add Remove bloatware Samsung
  • Optimize Reset Download mode
  • Optimize Factory Reset
  • Fix load libraries problem

SamFw FRP Tool Update v2.5 5/6/2022

  • Optimize Enable ADB function
  • Optimize Reboot function
  • Optimize Read info function
  • Add Stop button
  • Add Exit Download mode / Add Fix softbrick Download mode
  • Add ADB Set Language
  • Fix Disable Drive signature enforcement

SamFw FRP Tool Update v2.4 3/6/2022

  • Add disable drive signature
  • Add ADB disable OTA Update
  • Add Open Browser multi options (YouTube/Google Map/Samsung Browser
  • Optimize UI

SamFw FRP Tool Update v2.3 28/05/2022

  • Fix AT USB Connection
  • Important update: Fix FRP Remove/Factory Reset/Disable Knox for new model and old PC. Please update asap!
  • Update Factory Reset full automate

SamFw FRP Tool Update v2.2 27/05/2022

  • Optimize FRP/Factory Reset/Disable Knox (Fix success removed but notice that is failed)

SamFw FRP Tool Update v2.1 27/05/2022

  • Fix wrong text when Remove FRP & Disable Knox
  • Add open Device Manager
  • Fix UI bug

SamFw FRP Tool Update v2.0 25/05/2022

  • Remove open website step after removing FRP 
  • Fix check ADB connection after enabling ADB
  • Add Read Info MTP
  • Add Disable Knox
  • Add Factory Reset (2 methods)
  • Add MTP Open Browser
  • Add ADB Remove FRP (2 methods)
  • Add Reboot MTP

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