Boris FX v6.0

Boris FX

Boris FX is a complete integrated effects application with rotations,
a multi-layered timeline,
unlimited keyframes and Preview to RAM playback. Expanded capabilities include
explosive particles, powerful keying and natural filters. Achieve professional results
quickly using the Effects Library Browser or add personal touches and save effects
for later
use. Boris FX can access media directly from your non-linear digital editing systems’
timeline without importing or exporting. Use additional media such as QuickTime, AVI,
PICT, TIFF and Targa files to add more layers.

With the release of version 6.0, Boris FX moves beyond 3D DVE into full-blown effects
creation. Composite unlimited layers of media and preview compositions with audio using
RAM or Disk based playback. Boris FX 6.0 gives editors access to advanced compositing
features such as 27 apply modes, motion blur, particles, lighting effects, and displacement
mapping. Easily create self-animating natural effects such as snow, rain, fire, clouds,
and comets, which can interact with media or video. Expand effects options by accessing
compatible third-party plug-ins inside of the Boris FX user interface.

With Boris FX, you can simultaneously spin, tumble, rotate, and resize
any number of tracks
of full motion video in 3D space. You can also map video onto a flat plane,
a sphere, a cube, a cylinder, or create a page turn.
Use 3D containers to manipulate tracks in groups while independently
controlling their individual properties.

Boris FX includes over 60 different compositing filters, including blur, color, distortion,
keying, lighting, natural and particles effects. The Pixel Chooser provides additional
control over many of these effects by allowing you to select the pixels
to filter using custom mattes

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